The profitable and sustainable solution to ocean waste recycling with the generation of clean energy

Oceans Polymer

What Are We Doing?

Ocean Polymers have devised a unique system to address the critical plastic problem that is damaging our oceans and their delicate ecosystems, with the use of advanced plasma technology our system is a conclusive cure all for mismanaged plastic.

We bring this sustainable solution, onboard our factory ship, directly to the problem, in any of the world’s oceans, river mouths or estuaries to collect and process the plastic waste at the same location.

The benefits of this scheme are multiple, not only will we remove plastics and thus reduce the devasting impact they are having on our oceans and marine life, but the system will power itself and indeed the ship. After initial outlay Ocean Polymers will also become self funding so that ongoing finance will not be necessary.

As prevention and mitigation of the ocean’s plastic problem go hand in hand, we will also install land based plants once operational. This will afford visionary organisationsand governments a sustainable, environmentally friendly technology to recycle their by-products and waste into valuable energy and resources.

“Only we humans make waste that nature can’t digest”

Charles Moore, Marine Researcher

To provide a sustainable solution to the removal and processing of ocean waste.

We want to give individuals, companies and governments the technology to turn waste into a valuable resource and enable sustainable communities and preserve our planet.

To inspire and create change to preserve our ocean planet for its inhabitants and future generations by transforming our relationship with plastic and how we manage waste.

We base our work and all we do on the following key values:

Passion: A team motivated by a passion to create change and protect our ocean planet.
Undo: Committed to undoing the damage to our oceans caused by plastic waste.
Resource: To turn plastic waste into a valuable resource.
Excellence: Collaboration with industry and academic leaders and experts to deliver our vision.

Taking a holistic approach, the Ocean Polymers model is the only sustainable solution that addresses the 3 pillars of plastic and waste mismanagement and it’s subsequent pollution and damage in our oceans.

Our three-pronged approach encompasses the ocean, rivers and land,  remedying both the symptoms and cause.

We would not allow the uncontrolled fly-tipping or dumping of waste on land yet it occurs in our oceans and rivers daily. The problem which was once out of sight and in turn mind, is now suffocating with our planet, destroying ocean wildlife and their habitats.

The OP2 vessel has the capacity to remove and revalue the existing plastic and waste at sea on site at the chronic locations.

With almost 95% of ocean plastic coming from just 10 rivers, our OP1 vessel provides a mobile solution to stop the waste at river mouths and estuaries before entering into the ocean.

Being a self-sufficient solution that can process plastic on location, by her definition and design OP1 can be deployed where needed; times of critical reoccurring natural events such as monsoon season and or natural disasters.

Plastic and waste does not belong in, nor originate from the oceans. It is only mismanagement that places it there and an unfounded assumption that the waste will be harmlessly broken down by the planet.

A key part of our holistic solution is providing sustainable land-based systems that upstream plastic and waster into valuable resources.

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