Our Partners

We are proud and thankful of the experts we work along side in developing this solution to transform the way we manage plastic and ocean waste.

DR. Louis Circeo PHD, PE, Chief Scientist at Applied Plasma Arc Technologies, provides key impartial support and guidance on our technology element of the project and how the system can work most effectively in its appointment in our vessel at sea.

Offering an exceptional breadth of experience and expertise in the development of plasma technology, most specifically in its waste to energy application. He will be key in our focused work towards the initial milestone of getting OP1 in the water and the subsequent ones of fine tuning and developing the prototype for the launch of OP2 and land based systems.

Our MOU with InEnTec, our technology partner, outlines our joint commitment to promote and grow the use of Gasification of waste to address the global crisis we face.

Our maritime exclusivity highlights the following two key goals:

  • To design and build the first ocean-based plasma gasification system to be operational by 2019
  • To have 20 ocean based and 60 land based systems operational by 2025

Winners of The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award. This award winning and proven technology will be instrumental in the change in our relationship with plastic.