The Solution

We have drawn on the expertise and experience of internationally renowned academics on the topics of plastic pollution, climate change and the devastating impact on our planet. Combined with our technology team being world leaders in the field of Plasma Enhanced Melter® Technology (PEM®) we will be instrumental in changing humanities relationship with plastic and are committed to turning it into a valuable resource. This pioneering solution facilities the simultaneous tackling of a global environmental phenomenon, whilst generating significant returns.

OP1 will be 60 metre converted tanker with a 10 tonne a day, 2 feed PEM® system custom fitted. As our prototype she will be river mouth based in the critical locations that are distributing the majority of plastic and waste in to the Oceans. The plastic will be collected, dried, shredded and prepared for transformation, through the system and then stored as clean Syngas utilised to fuel the boat.

Following on in our project the next milestone will be developing OP2, she will be a larger converted deep sea trawler and plans to process around 20 tonnes a day where needed most in the world’s oceans.

Initial collection will be manual to feed the mobile system. We are however working with expertise in the field of submersible drone technology, with pattern recognition, to best enable us to collect the plastic under the surface; estimated to be around 75% of the problem. Our work in this area will ensure we create the most empathetic collection processes possible to avoid or limit key elements such as by catch and habitat disturbance.

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends have become global garbage cans”

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Since prevention and mitigation of the oceans’ plastics problem go hand in hand, we will also be able to install land-based plants once we are operational. We have developed a new way to treat hazardous waste and manage the destruction of toxic industrial chemicals, such as toxic sludge created by the oil and gas industry. Our technology can remove costly collection and transportation creating large operational savings whilst also reducing the associated carbon footprint. By utilising Plasma Enhanced Melter® Technology (PEM®) we will be making valuable products such as synthetic gas, liquid fuels and solid aggregates.

The flexible scalability of this project ensures our system can be adapted to address the specific needs of each individual location and operation. Therefore, Ocean Polymers will deliver a sustainable solution delivered by a team of experts, which will not only be commercially viable but also highly profitable.


  • Zero direct emission from PEM®.
  • Nearly 100% recovery of organic material.
  • No ash generation.


  • Robust waste acceptance criteria.
  • Ultraclean syngas.
  • Lower operating cost than comparable plasma technologies.

Renewable Energy 

  • Multiple alternative energy products.
  • Commercially viable by-products.
  • Scalable to market area demands.

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